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Will Power Washing or Pressure Cleaning Damage your Roof?

Moss and fungus are the common growths that can be seen on the surface of roofs. Areas with high levels of humidity provide a favorable habitat for these organisms. Moss and fungus growth make the roof look neglected and decrease your house's value as well as its aesthetic appeal. There are various methods available in order to ... More

Roof Cleaning Options by Pressure Cleaner / Washer in Jupiter

It seems as if everyone these days wants to clean their roof and give it a gleaming new appearance. The trend had never been popular until a few years ago. Thought the job is not that difficult but it is best left to professional hands due to the dangers involved in it. Unless you have a shallow roof or enough experience just ... More

Tile roof cleaning poses some unique challenges

Roof cleaning is a challenging job and should not be attempted without some professional help if you have no prior experience or you are not familiar with the difficulties involved in it. However, tile roof cleaning poses some additional challenges due to its unique nature. Before attempting to clean a tile roof, you should ... More

Cleaning the roof with power wash

A roof inhabited by algae does not appear god. The growth can be removed by climbing up the roof, scrubbing it and then rinsing it with a hose but this method is dangerous. It not only makes the roof slippery to walk on but also one can get tangled in the hose and fall off. A much safer alternative is o use a pressure washer. ... More