Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning

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This exclusive low pressure system eliminates mildew at its roots and lasts 2 to 3 times longer than pressure cleaning.

In the past, the only way to clean tile roofs was the use of highly pressurized water generated pumps. However, there are significant disadvantages to this procedure. Breakage of tiles, removal of paint or coatings and longevity of cleanliness are just some of the setbacks of pressure cleaning.

With the pressure cleaning process, what is being cleaned from your tile is not dirt. The deep dark color you see is actually a growing organism (mold, mildew and/or algae) that makes its way to your roof as a spore, germinates and then grows, using your tile as a nutrient base. Just cleaning the tiles is not the answer. Treating the mildewed areas as a pest, not a stain, is the answer.

Our process leaves behind a sterile protective coating, uninfested roof surface to allow our safe algaecides, mildacides and fungicides to remain behind to inhibit any airborne spores from germinating on your roof.

Pressure washing can not achieve the same results. Pressure washing cleans by only eliminating the top growth of the algae; therefore, it spreads the spores and leaves behind the roof filament system (similar to cutting a lawn). The roof may appear clean temporarily, but ultimately it causes the original algae to grow back even thicker and denser.

Our chemical cleaning process is applied with a low pressure electric pump, not much harder than a mist. As a result, we avoid the sheer force of thousands of pounds of pressure blasting your roof’s surface. Roof Masters’ chemical process lasts two to three times longer than pressure washing alone. This means less traffic on your roof.

Pressure washing does not solve your cleaning needs. It does not kill the algae or its spores. It does not inhibit algae from growing back. Pressure washing can cause damage to tiles, create leaks and remove paint or protective coatings.

Our exclusive process cleans the roof, eradicates all existing algae and spores and leaves behind a “spore block” residual algaecide barrier. Our system is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Roof Masters has over sixteen years local serving south florida with exceptional references and reviews. Our system has proven its success in five different locations in the Southeast.

RoofMasters of Palm Beach can clean your Roof!


Safe Roof Cleaning for:

* Commercial & Residential
* HOA’s
* Homes
* Buildings
* Decks
* Patios
* Driveways
* Sidewalks

RoofMasters of Palm Beach cleans:

* Asphalt shingle roof

* Tile roof

We are the oldest Chemical Wash company in the Southeast, serving both commercial and residential.