Chemical Cleaning

Our Safe Chemical Roof Cleaning Process Lasts 2-3 Times Longer than Pressure Cleaning Alone and is Recommended by Tile and Shingle Manufacturers – All Without Tile Breakage!

Often pressure cleaning only removes the surface layers of mildew and in the process will damages the tiles.  In comparison, chemical cleaning kills the mildew, including it’s roots and spores; and the low pressure application insures that no damage is done to the tiles.  The result is a much cleaner, brighter roof that will remain clean longer.

“How much does it cost?” and “How long does it last?”

Residential Pressure Cleaning




Cost is based on tile characteristics, roof slope, presence/absence of gutters, types of foliage, quality of paint, amount of mildew, etc.  Longevity depends upon tile characteristics, exposure, location, irrigation(frequency and type) and individual standards. In an average neighborhood, most roof cleanings would cost $280-$350 and need to be repeated every 3-5 years.

Some people would prefer that their roof never look dirty.  To prevent the re-occurrence of mildew, we offer a “clean roof service”.  Once a roof has been thoroughly cleaned, we will treat it every six months with a very light moldicide solution, which will prevent any mildew from growing.

If you’re tired of having your roof damaged by pressure cleaning every year, or having your plants killed by careless or negligent roof cleaners, Contact Roof Masters today.

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