roof repair

Five signs that tell you that your shingles need replacement

If you are wondering when to replace your aging shingle, check for any of these warning signs: Curling shingles: Curling or clawing shingles are a result of either aging or roof being exposed to excessive heat. These shingles are highly susceptible to ice damage or wind uplift. Due to this shingles become rigid and break easily. Broken or ... More

Magic potion recipe for your roof cleaning needs

If you have noticed the black streaks on your roof and are worried about how to get rid of that growth then you are already in the process of finding a solution to mold problem. Unfortunately many products available in the market for this purpose are not that effective. The reason being, they all require high pressure cleaning to produce the ... More

Risk of cleaning your roof with sodium hydroxide solution

You might have just noticed parasites and mold feasting slowly on your roof top and are trying to find a solution of the problem as soon as it is possible. The growth of a significant amount of microbes and parasite infestation indicate that truly your roof needs a lot of cleaning. Seek the help of a professional roof expert or you can always ... More

Is roof mold the only thing that is keeping buyers from buying your house?

Are your plans to sell your house not materializing? One reason could be slow housing market but the one that is even more damaging might be the curb appeal of your home.  You might have mowed the yard and have planted beautiful flowers but you still might not be paying attention  to other things that matter more. The first thing is to get ... More

Get a hold on mold

Mold affects human health as well as brings structural damage to your house. If you discover mold anywhere in your house, take immediate action to clean it. Carefully cleaning ca also prevents the mold form growing again. Whether you can handle the cleaning job yourself or require professional help depends on the amount and type of mold. W... More

Tips to avoid danger while cleaning asbestos roofs

Experts warn that cleaning the asbestos and fibrous roofs using high pressure cleaning procedures can be highly dangerous as it exposes highly dangerous asbestos fibers. In fact pressure washing asbestos roofs has been declared illegal. These fibers can become a serious health hazard not only for the people doing the work but also for others ... More

Weather protection for roofs

Changing and harsh weather conditions are the ultimate enemies of your roofing material. Rain, wind storms, snow and UV rays coming from sun play an equal part in damaging and reducing the service life of your roof. Thus weather protection is number 1 priority when it comes to roof maintenance and repair. The most common cause of roof damage ... More

Why to hire professionals for roof cleaning and what are the costs associated with it?

The stains on the roof are usually caused by algae called Gloeocapsa Magma which is transmitted through spores. This alga can virtually grow on any surface but the ideal conditions for it to survive and spread are moist and humid weather. The portions of your roof that receive less sunlight seem to be more affected by mold than rest of the ... More

Tips to safely clean roof tiles and shingles

A roof requires regular cleaning t keep it in a good condition. Some of the most common "dirt" is road dust, tree sap, moss, and mildew. The waste of trees growing around the house can gather on the roof surface and serve as a food for moss and mildew. There are a few tips that would ensure safe cleaning of your roof by yourself. Use a ... More

Tips to remove moss from the roof surface

Moss tends to grow on the parts of the roof that are not well exposed to sunlight.  The symptoms are the green spots on several areas which if left untreated, can spread to other parts of the house. It can not only weaken and damage the roof but also eat up years off the life of your roofing system. Do not wait longer to remove the moss from ... More