Moldy Roof Cleaning

Why should you be concerned about your moldy roof?

If look at a real estate guide or any website featuring houses for sale, you will notice house after house having roofs infested with molds. Moldy roofs definitely reduce the aesthetic appeal of your house. But that is not what you should be primarily concerned about. In addition to tarnishing the appearance and reducing the value of your ... More

professional roof cleaning service in palm beach

Select a professional roof cleaning company

The choice of a roof cleaning contractor should be made with great care and it should be backed up by a extensive research and information gathering. However, this is often the most overlooked step of the whole process. At the most, people grab a telephone book and look for the companies offering the service because most of them advertise ... More

chlorine bleach

Is chlorine bleach effective in cleaning roof mold?

Chlorine bleach commonly referred to as laundry bleach is considered to be an effective agent for disinfecting and cleaning moldy roofs. Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) who once recommended using chlorine bleach for mold abatement was the first federal agency to stop recommending the use of liquid bleach in mold remedia... More

Roof cleaning tips

Have you ever noticed the growth on your roof that is destroying its aesthetic appeal? Have you ever thought of your options for getting rid of it? You must have noticed many buildings with this kind of appearance so you now that you are not the only one in this world facing the problem. A question that might have aroused in your mind is that ... More

Roof Pressure Wash- Temporary fix or long term roof cleaning solution?

Your roof acts as a primary source of protection from harsh weather conditions. It has to be strong to resist rain, snow, hail and ultraviolet rays coming from the sun. Due to the important role it plays, it deserves special attention. Asphalt roofs have a coating of mineral granules that can easily be disturbed by simple walking on the roof. ... More

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