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Tile roof cleaning poses some unique challenges

Roof cleaning is a challenging job and should not be attempted without some professional help if you have no prior experience or you are not familiar with the difficulties involved in it. However, tile roof cleaning poses some additional challenges due to its unique nature. Before attempting to clean a tile roof, you should ... More

Roof cleaners can be a helping hand for realtors in selling homes

Due to the decline in the real estate market, the realtors have become conscious about the aesthetic appeal of the houses they sell. The appearance of the house matters to the potential sellers. Roof takes up half of a houses' appearance and a moldy roof can make the sellers lose interest and drive on. This is why realtors want ... More

Ideal temperature for roof cleaning

A general question asked by homeowners is that if they can clean their roofs during winters. The answer to the question is yes for those who live in Florida. The real deciding factor is the temperature of the place where you live. Also the cleaning products have temperature guidelines written on them.  It is best to start a ... More

Five signs that tell you that your shingles need replacement

If you are wondering when to replace your aging shingle, check for any of these warning signs: Curling shingles: Curling or clawing shingles are a result of either aging or roof being exposed to excessive heat. These shingles are highly susceptible to ice damage or wind uplift. Due to this shingles become rigid and break ... More