Yes, Your West Palm Beach Roof Needs to Be Cleaned!

Keep Your Roof Looking New

It is no surprise that regular maintenance of your roof will add to the attractiveness of your home or business. People will want to visit more often if you have a clean, inviting building. Over time your roof will become stained, so what do you need to know about having a professional clean it?

The Roof Matters

Traditional pressure washing of roofs has been on a slow decline due to damage done to tiles and shingles by the force exerted on them. A new low-pressure system applies safe chemicals to treat the actual problem at the source and eliminate all of those pesky micro-organisms like algae, lichens and mold, and from being able to grow back. This process is becoming very popular, lasting 2-3 times longer than the traditional pressure washing.

Quality You can Count On

If you want to safely take care of your asphalt shingle or tile roof, the low pressure deep cleaning is the way to go for the best protection. Contact Roof Masters of Palm Beach today to let us serve you. We are the oldest chemical cleaning company in the Southeast, serving both residential and commercial.

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