Pressure Wash

Roof and sidings are sensitive to pressure washing

It is difficult to find a roofing contractor that offers you a sincere advice as to which cleaning method is best to serve your purpose. Most of the contractors out there in the market use pressure washing as their primary mode of cleaning roof surfaces. The truth is that high pressure wash can work to remove mold and dirt residing you roof ... More

Tile roof cleaning poses some unique challenges

Roof cleaning is a challenging job and should not be attempted without some professional help if you have no prior experience or you are not familiar with the difficulties involved in it. However, tile roof cleaning poses some additional challenges due to its unique nature. Before attempting to clean a tile roof, you should beware of the ... More

Roof cleaners can be a helping hand for realtors in selling homes

Due to the decline in the real estate market, the realtors have become conscious about the aesthetic appeal of the houses they sell. The appearance of the house matters to the potential sellers. Roof takes up half of a houses' appearance and a moldy roof can make the sellers lose interest and drive on. This is why realtors want to make sure ... More

Ideal temperature for roof cleaning

A general question asked by homeowners is that if they can clean their roofs during winters. The answer to the question is yes for those who live in Florida. The real deciding factor is the temperature of the place where you live. Also the cleaning products have temperature guidelines written on them.  It is best to start a cleaning project ... More

Cleaning the roof with power wash

A roof inhabited by algae does not appear god. The growth can be removed by climbing up the roof, scrubbing it and then rinsing it with a hose but this method is dangerous. It not only makes the roof slippery to walk on but also one can get tangled in the hose and fall off. A much safer alternative is o use a pressure washer. However, the tip ... More

Universally used roof cleaning methods

Whether your roof is infested with mold or not it requires proper cleaning at regular intervals. Besides all the debate on which method is better for cleaning a roof, three methods are used world over. All of these methods have their own pros and cons.  The three methods are: Chlorine solution wash Sodium hydro oxide based cleaning Pre... More

Select a professional roof cleaning company

The choice of a roof cleaning contractor should be made with great care and it should be backed up by a extensive research and information gathering. However, this is often the most overlooked step of the whole process. At the most, people grab a telephone book and look for the companies offering the service because most of them advertise ... More

Roof Pressure Wash- Temporary fix or long term roof cleaning solution?

Your roof acts as a primary source of protection from harsh weather conditions. It has to be strong to resist rain, snow, hail and ultraviolet rays coming from the sun. Due to the important role it plays, it deserves special attention. Asphalt roofs have a coating of mineral granules that can easily be disturbed by simple walking on the roof. ... More

Pressure Washing